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Jeera Cookies


Jeera Cookies
Product Code: 912

Perfect for Snack time! One of the most extensively used spice in our kitchen is the humble jeera (cumin) .We add it to sundry vegetables, dals and powder it to sprinkle it over our dahi. Now have some different taste of Jeera with this bakery product known as Jeera Biscuit or Cumin Cookies. They are salty in taste and you will surely love them if you have them with tea or coffee. These cookies are 100 percent eggless yet added with mouth-watering ingredients. The bakery products have different level of sweetness and calorific values to meet the varied diet needs of individuals. They are packed up in a transparent lid covered plastic box. Net Weight : 500 gm.

Product of Ruchita

Price: US$ 2.9 or BDT 0 Taka / Packets

Brand may little vary depending on availability

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